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    Moving my plugins to cs6 cc from cs6

    ziggybrown Level 1

      Hi, I use cs6 and decided to try cs6 cc since I'm paying for it ..I have several plugins I use..nik and topaz and onone perfect photo, do I have to install each one as new or can I transfer them? I noticed the pref/plugin area is a bit different than reg cs6 and I don't understand the login they show or ask for.


      thank you,


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          You seem to be confused.  Not your fault; Adobe's version numbering isn't easy to follow.


          There was Photoshop CS6 (13.0) as a perpetual license, and for a while the Photoshop you got with a Creative Cloud subscription was a slightly more updated version of Photoshop CS6 (13.x).


          But more recently, Photoshop CC (14.x) has been released and is delivered by the Creative Cloud application.  If you are seeing "Photoshop CC" it is 14.x.


          It will be helpful if you would describe EXACTLY what versions you have and where the files are installed.


          As far as the Plug-ins folder organization, no, there haven't been any changes between Photoshop CS6 (13) and Photoshop CC (14).  Starting with Photoshop CS6 (13) there were NO files delivered out of the box in the Plug-ins folder.  The same is true of Photoshop CC (14).  Anything you now see under your Photoshop CS6 Plug-ins subfolder has been added by you.


          You might think this means you can just copy everything from Photoshop CS6's Plug-ins subfolder into the equivalent subfolder of Photoshop CC, but that can be problematic.  The real trouble is that many plug-ins install extra stuff in other folders in and under the Photoshop installation folder.  Your best bet is to get updated releases from all your plug-in makers, and reinstall them into the new version of Photoshop.  Failing that, install from whatever you got last time.  If you can't even do that, you need to identify the specific files that were installed in the prior version and move them to the equivalent folders in the new Photoshop installation area.


          Unfortunately, this is not simple or quick but it is the reality.  You'll need to pay careful attention to the details.


          Good luck.



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            ziggybrown Level 1

            Hi Noel, I own cs6..upgraded from 5, 4 etc and I just decided to try the cc version and wanted to have my plugins in both( all are plugins I added) I'll just install them and be done..just wanted to know if there was an easy and quick way, thanks for setting me straight.