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    Similarities between InDesign and HTML—Are they really there?

    RFSLeander Level 1

      Do InDesign and HTML share an underlying metaphor? Does a designer go through a similar thought processes and use similar strategies when building pages on the two platforms? And did this happen on purpose? Or was it because the two systems happened to grow up in the same ecosphere?


      I've been using ID for more than 20 years and after learning HTML/CSS last year it feels to me like the InDesign engineers have made InDesign work with much the same game mechanic as HTML. I'm sure the underlying code could not be more different, but are a lot of similarities in the preplanning and execution of pages with elements such as templated pages, spans, and parent and child styles.


      So should I trust my feelings? Do the two programs share a similar approach, and would it be safe to say that the InDesign engineers have borrowed some of their thinking from HTML and vice versa?