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    Vista .hlp struggles

    base2.julie Level 1
      I read that .hlp files will not run on Vista unless you download an executable from Microsoft:

      My company currently uses RoboHelp for Word to create a WinHelp 4 .hlp file. Could anyone confirm that our users who are running Vista will not be able to view these .hlp files? I do not have a machine running Vista that I can check this on.

      If that is true, any suggestions for the easiest way to convert these WinHelp 4 .hlp files to another format? I am on RoboHelp 7. I am completely new to help authoring and am pretty clueless at the moment.

      Thanks in advance!
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi base2.julie

          If your .HLP is the older 16 bit format, it should run with no issues on Vista. But if it's the newer 32 bit format, it will require a one time download of the Vista 32 bit WinHelp viewer in order to work.

          Have you tested?

          Sincerely... Rick
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            base2.julie Level 1
            Thanks, Rick. I haven't tested, since my company doesn't have a computer running Vista.

            Our .hlp is the 32 bit format, however.

            I'm thinking of changing to a FlashHelp layout. Are there any drawbacks to this that I should know about? Does FlashHelp require any additional work/downloads from the end user?