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    Can't create a composition from a PP sequence

    Greg Popp Level 2

      Perhaps what I'm trying to do is impossible and makes no sense, but this is what I can't make work:


      From within After Effects CC ( - I haven't upgraded as I'm mid project on a 4K film and terrified by all the bug activity), I've imported a Premiere Pro sequence via Dynamic Link.


      The sequence is composed of 4K DPX files, as well as end titles.  The DPX files aren't contained in a solitary video track.  There are actually a few tracks at play.


      If I double click on the sequence in the project  window in AE, it plays (albeit not in realtime) in a Footage window.  So far so good.


      However, if I drag the sequence to the timeline, it doesn't create a new composition, even though the time ruler itself shows a time graph that's the correct duration.  The compositional viewer displays a b&w checkerboard pattern.


      Am I doing something wrong, or is this not a possible undertaking?