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    Combobox links

      I have buttons on a swf. These buttons, when clicked, change the fron value of a combobox using the selectedIndex property. These buttons also load a movie into an empty movieclip.

      So, press button = change selected in combobox AND load a specific movie.

      What I want to do is have it work in reverse, i.e., if they select an option from the combobox pulldown, it also loads the appropriate movie into the empty movie clip.

      My code so far keeps returning a 'need OnClip/Event Handler error', so I am hoping it is a simple matter of placement.

      Current code, where:

      expertCombobox = combobox
      expertBioHolder = empty movie clip
      bioLoader = movie clip loader variable

      on Event() {
      if (expertComboBox.selectedIndex == "Coach Wally") {
      bioLoader.loadClip("coachBio.swf", expertBioHolder);

      I know this can be done, I'm simply unsure as to the execution. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!