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    Customise Subject Line for Email Notifications?

    LATC webmaster

      I am using FormsCentral to receive Course Submissions. 


      Because Gmail groups all emails with identical Subjects & Senders, I need to be able to differentiate the Subject line of the Email Notifications, to include a unique field identifier (such as email address).


      Is there a way of doing this?  This would mean a vastly improved workflow for me, if the emails coming in are "unthreaded" because of Subject Line uniqueness!


      Thanks, Peter

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          Wenlan_Du Level 2

          Currently you can only customize email subject per form, but not per form submitter.




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            LATC webmaster Level 1



            please can we add this to the Feature Request List.


            Every notification generated by the form arrives with an identical sender and Subject.  Gmail reads them as part of one long thread, and there is no way to separate the items in a single thread without changing the default Email settings.


            I need either the Submitter's name, or their email plus the date of form submission to appear in the Subject Line of the Notification.  This would be a MASSIVE plus.  The use of special shortcodes for such notifications is a feature offered by parallel industries, such as ZenDesk, where each support request can be configured to show custom info.


            I hope you can prioritise this feature request.