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    Problem converting VHS with PRE

    Alison Utting

      Happy New Year everyone.


      It's been a while since I converted some old VHS tapes using a Canon camcorder as the converter and I think PRE4 but I'm having a cleanout of all our VHS tapes and would like to put them onto DVD. 

      After I finally found all the cables I needed, a VCR player that played properly, an external hard drive with enough memory on it and remembered the settings to change on the camcorder, I have struck a problem.  I can see the VHS tape playing on the camcorder screen but it isn't showing up on the PRE screen when I try and capture using the DV Camcorder option, and the Capture button is red.  I have recently updated from PRE7 to PRE11 and I have tried both versions with only one version open at a time.

      I think my Firewire cable may be dodgy as sometimes it will find the camcorder and sometimes it won't but when it doesn, it never seems to be long enough to get something up on the PRE Screen.  I have ordered a new one online which I won't get until next week with the holiday break.  But I thought I would post my problem just in case someone has a suggestion to try.


      And if anyone knows what setting to change on a Panasonic NV-GS500 camcorder, then that would be helpful as well as I can't find anything obvious in the playback menus.


      Thanks for any help.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is for PPro, but the troubleshooting steps are the same... http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/kb/cant-capture-dv-hdv-video.html


          I have NOT used either, but many say to try these for SD capture http://windv.mourek.cz/ or http://www.exsate.com/products/dvcapture/

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            Alison Utting Level 1

            Hi John, thank you for the very helpful troubleshooting link which meant that some of the things I had tried were on the right track.  I'd already done the following

            a.  I've two Canon camcorders and swapping between them didn't help so the camcorder is probably not the issue

            b.  I've used two different XP computers and no difference so the IEEE port probably isn't the reason.  My daughter's Win7 laptop doesn't have a IEEE port so I can't try it on that.

            c.  I also tried Movie Maker but it didn't like my setup either.  Sorry but I can't remember what it said on the screen when I tried.


            When I created a new project, the default project setting was PAL-AVCHD-Full HD 1080I 25 so I changed it to PAL DV Standard 48Hz to match the VHS screen format.  I then went to Add Media and chose DV Camcorder but from memory either got it couldn't find the device or else it would come up with a DV camera source but then I still wouldn't get the VHS playing on the Capture screen.


            The external hard drive I was using had over 300GB free so I didn't think that was an issue either.


            I've spent too much time on this today so when I get a chance tomorrow, I'll have a look at the other links you gave and maybe have another go with what I had been trying and take a shot of the PRE11 capture screen in case that shows something I am not picking up on.


            Thanks again for your help.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As I said, I have not used either, but I think the programs I linked are free... and I have read many times that they will work when Premiere (both Elements and Pro) have problems

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                nealeh Level 5

                The links John gave are definitely both free and are the products I always use in preference to PRE for capturing the DV feed from a VHS digitizer (the camera in your case). Although I prefer the WinDV interface and resizeable window I usually use Exsate because WinDV doesn't provide a preview of the incoming audio (although it IS capturing it).


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