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    Error 1009 when run on different server

    bobk1 Level 1
      My app has a master detail layout populated by remote calls to cfcs.
      A cfc returns a query for the master list and that part works fine. After the master list is populated or when selecting any row in the master list another cfc is called to return an object to populate the detail area.

      This part also works fine on our testing server but when I try it on our production server I get an error 1009:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null
      object reference.
      at orders::OrdersList/::showOrder()
      at orders::OrdersList/___Operation2_result()

      Both servers appear to be identical (Windows 2003, CF version 7.02
      latest hotfixes)

      I've checked the cfc and it work as expected on both machines. Both machines have identical files, i.e., cfc's and swf.

      Any idea why the application would work on one server but not on the

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Often, problems like this (works locally but not on server) are due to security sandbox issues.

          Is something in showOrder populated by the data service call? Do you have a fault handler function?

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            bobk1 Level 1
            Hi Tracy,

            Both the testing and production servers are separate from my development environment. I'm not using a security sandbox. Other cfc's which return queries (not objects) work ok.

            This is the data service call:

            <mx:method name="getOrder" result="showOrder(event.result as ORDERS)" fault="FAB.faultHandler(event)" />

            The faultHandler doesn't get called.

            showOrder starts like this:

            private function showOrder(result:ORDERS):void
            Alert.show('showing order');
            currentOrder = result;

            The alert displays after the error message so I assume that showOrder is not receiving the result.