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    Why would Flash work in  IE 9 but not in IE 11?


      Hello Forum,

      Why would Flash work in  IE 9 but not in IE 11?


      I am using a small flash object in the index page of www.gelsana.com. It appears on one computer using IE 9 but not on another computer using IE 11. I first thought it might be an issue with a virus, but I ran a couple of anti-virus programs and I still have the issue on the computer using IE 11. Any advice?

      What I would prefer to do instead of just not showing the little flash object is post some sort of message instead telling the user to download this or that. But since the cause of it not showing, I guess, might be for several reasons, I would need some sort of browser sniffer. I mean, it does not show at all in Chrome or Firefox.

      Can the problem be fixed with using a later version of flash?

      It seems to me that every browser and every version should have some way to show Flash. Is this not the case?

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          Xarzu Level 1

          Is everyone on winter break?


          Anyway, I have made some progress on this issue.  I first ran some tests by just loading the swf file in a browser.  This worked in IE 11 which told me that the problem was with the html file.


          So I made the html file from scratch using dreamweaver and used dreamweaver to make the proper settings in the html file.  This worked insolving the problem with IE 11.  The resulting HTML file loads in IE, and in Chrome but it does not run in firefox.  Any idea why?

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