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    Vendor ID


      Adobe is asking for a Vendor ID and password to copy a book from ADE to the NOOK?  What is a Vendor ID and how would I know this?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Some books use generic Adobe account/IDs for authorization, some use vendor specific IDs.

          I'm not quite sure the details of how vendor IDs registered on ADE are passed on to eReader devices.


          Some questions to clarify:

          1. Who was the book vendor?
          2. Do you know whether they use generic Adobe IDs or their own vendor ID for DRM?
          3. Can you read the book on ADE?
          4. Is ADE authorized with a specific Adobe ID? (menu/Help/Authorize Computer)
          5. Is it a Nook dedicated eReader or a Nook tablet?
          6. Have you authorized the Nook?
            For a dedicated ereader that needs to be done from ADE  (menu/Help/Authorize Device)
            For a tablet, that needs to be done from your ereader app on the tablet.
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