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    flex : data connectivity

      plz help..
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            escape10us Level 1
            `wud u plz explain over that.. I have done vd creating project vd asp.net as server and afterwards i created the application using database from sql. now i am not able customise the datagrid which is thr by default.. help....
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              atta707 Level 2
              so you hit your asp.net page, what do you see? Some XML?

              You would use the HttpService class to hit the same URL from within your MXML code as you're using in your browser. While using HttpService class, you'll need to register an event listener for result event. Once server returns the response, flex would fire your event listener with the data from the server.

              Now this is up to you what do you want to do with this data. If you've worked with AJAX calls, this should sound familiar.

              Please look up docs that come up with Flex Builder for HttpService related examples and XML as a data type -- also know as E4X -- and collections such as ArrayCollection and XMLCollection.

              Hope this helps.


              P.S. what is 'vd'?
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                escape10us Level 1
                hey thanx buddy! and vd is with.. writing in short forms. its my habit. like nd = and