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    Premier Elements 12 stalls when burning blue-ray


      I'm trying to burn a large slideshow video (~4000 photos) to blue-ray.  The problem is the process stalls right at the beginning when encoding the menus.  There are 10 menus.  The first encodes quickly, the second a little slower. The third extremely slow and the 4th pretty much stalls.  Yesterday I let it go for 4 hours and the 4th menu hadn't finished encoding yet.  I thought there might be a problem with Windows8 so today I upgraded to Windows8.1 - no change.  I uninstalled, then reinstalled and updated Premiere Elements 12 - still no improvement.  I installed a second hard drive and moved the .pre file there and redirected all file activity in "preferences" there as well.  No change.  The OS is 64bit and there is 8GB of ram.  I've disabled all startup programs but that didn't help either.


      Does anyone have any ideas?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you resized all of your photos to no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size, per the recommendations on this forum and in my books?


          Also, have you considered doing this project in smaller parts -- say 15 minute segments. 4000 is a pretty big batch of photos to do all in one fell swoop! And if you've got even a hiccup in your operating system, it's going to fail.


          But if you do your video in segments of, say, 200 photos each, you can then join the finished videos together with a lot less likelihood of choking. Here's how:



          But first -- make sure your photos are no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size!

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            Hunterrick Level 1

            Thanks for the response.  I've been using these programs for years, but do it seldom enough that I'm not terribly proficient at it. I believe that what you suggest will cause me to have to start my project over which is disheartening since I've been working on it for a week already and have it in the desired final form. 

            The photos are all much larger than your suggested 2000x1500.  Is there a way to batch resize them, or do I have to do so one at a time?

            Is there a way to break up my existing project into smaller ones, or do I need to truly start over?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              This Tips & Tricks article explains Batch Scaling in Photoshop, and a section on PsElements was added. If you do not have either Ps, or PsE, I believe that one can write a script for GIMP. I also believe that IrfanView can do Batch Scaling. Both of those image-editors is free, but I do not know their full capabilities. http://forums.adobe.com/message/2119226#2119226


              If you do Batch Scale your 4000 Images, here is how I would get them into the Project:


              1. Do a Save_As for your existing Project (just to be safe).
              2. Move those Images (hopefully, they are in the same, common folder), but make note of the exact Path to them originally, say D:\[Project Name]\Stills. That folder should now be empty, but the Images will be in the folder, to which you Moved them.
              3. Batch Scale the original Still Images, now in another folder, using the same exact file names, BUT set the Destination to the now empty folder, in that Path.
              4. Open the Save_As Project.
              5. If you DID use the same file names, and located in that original folder (same exact absolute Path), PrE will see those Images as the linked Assets from before, but they will now be Scaled to match your Project.
              6. If anything goes wrong, you can empty that folder of Scaled Images, Copy, or Move the originals back to it, then Open that original Project, and you will be back to where you started. That is why I suggest doing the Save_As, as a backup, so that you do not touch the original Project's .PREL file.


              Good luck,



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                Hunterrick Level 1

                I have Photoshop elements.  I don't see a way to automate batch resizing of the image files.  You mentioned a "Tips and Tricks" article but I don't find a link to it.  I read all of the comments in the link you did supply but didn't find any information on doing the batch resize in PE.  Also, my image files are jpeg.  Do you recommend that I convert them to PS files before doing the batch conversion, then convert them back to jpeg - which I'm assuming I have to do because the file names need to be exactly the same.