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    PE12: how can I create a gap in timeline?

    Kawika808 Level 1

      In Expert timeline, is there a way to create a gap, so that copies of other clips on the timeline can be copied into it without covering other clips?


      The objective is to insert a series of very short-duration copies of various clips to create a section with multiple quick changes from one image to another.


      I have been using a workaround (insert black screen, then copy and paste clips from the timeline over it) but this is very tedious and inefficient, adding extra steps to the process.


      I have so much stuff in the timeline that lassoing and dragging everything back and forth is even less efficient.  And sometimes causes crashes.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you drag clips to any place on an existing Video 1 timeline, the other clips will split and slide to the right to allow you to insert your new clips.

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            VDOSurfer Level 3

            Say you have two clips sticking to each other on the timeline and want a gap between clip 1 and clip 2, do just that on the timeline. Select only clip 2 on the timeline and drag it further to the right. You should see the gap on the timeline and you can now play it back (Space Bar) to see how much of a gap is actually good for you.


            There are two assumptions here...

            1. There are no clips on any other track in the timeline

            2. There is no additional audio (Other than the clip audio) that you need to worry about.


            Considering your problem description, these seem valid assumptions. Let us know if you need more.

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              Kawika808 Level 1



              Thanks.  This would be good but I have a ton of stuff on the timeline and when I do a lasso-drag operation half the time the program crashes.  Also I'm trying to avoid all the selecting and dragging--very time consuming.


              Actually for my specific question I found the answer last night:

              1. Copy clip(s) that need to be copied onto different a timeline location (Ctrl-C).

              2 Put CTI at target location on timeline,

              3. Shift-Ctrl-V

              This will copy the clips to the CTI location, sliding everything to the right to make room.


              As you note, if you have anything on any other track PE12 will chop it up and shift it, which I have learned the hard way.  So I have had to remove the sound track, to be put in later.  I consider this to be very poor design; there are countless situations in which the sound track is essentially background music which has absolutely no specific connection to any specific scene or clip, and failure to allow for an override of the synchronizing feature is very poor design.


              It seems that to simply create a gap for whatever reason, maybe the quickest way is

              1. Put CTI at target location for gap

              2. Create Black Screen

              3. Insert Black Screen to Timeline.  Everything will slide right to accomodate.

              4. R click Black Screen, choose Delete.  Screen will be deleted, leaving a gap.

              5. Clear Black Screen from Project Assets (to avoid filling up that area with useless junk).  Or leave it if you think you'll use it again.

              This can be a convenient marker for quickly finding some area or clip that you need to work on later.  Or for indicating areas that you want to export later.


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