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    When I start a new project all the files from previous are displayed

    DVDStyler is excellent

      WIN 8 PRE 9   PAL (UK)  


      I have PRE 9 since new and gave up with it as it contuinually crashed.   I am trying again but find when I open a new project all the old media files are displayed on the right.   I delete them and then drag and drop new ones in, but it still shows the old ones.   File names are the same as previous project but in a different drive and directory.   When I try to do anything it asks where are the old,deleted, files


      I thought with version 9 the problewms would be ironed out.   Apparently not.


      I have found DVD Styler Freeware is excellent and produced a simple DVD in about 5 minutes.   I may be doing something wrong in PRE9 but do I need to be Steven Speilberg to get a basic DVD burned?