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    top After Effects feature requests of 2013

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

      top After Effects feature requests of 2013, plus a peek at what we’re thinking about for the near future:


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          Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

          I'd just like to say thanks to the AE team for their willingness to publish this. It's great to get an insight into the possible / probable directions of future development - and a encouragement for users to continue to give feedback.


          I'm also glad to see that more fundamental developments are also being worked on alongside the more incremental issues. There is a balance to be struck. It's easy when having to deal with the day to day to 'miss the forest because of the trees' - and I think that can easily, and heavily,  bias user feedback to incremental level suggestions.

          Personally I'd be willing to sacrifice some progress there in order to make headway on big issues such as a unified 3D space.




          Mike A.