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    CS6 Update Problems Persist


      Update from within my copy of Photoshop CS6 (13.0.0) no longer works.  Nothing happens if I click it.  I've downloaded the zip files for manually installing the updates (; 1.2; & 1.3) but the Adobe PatchInstaller program does nothing when I double click it.


      What in the world is going on?  I have LR 5.3 w/ ACR 8.3 working but it complains now if I try to Edit in CS6 because the ACR versions don't match.  Is this all a conspiracy somehow to get me off of the stand-alone CS6 license and onto the CC?  I have to say I'm still not interested.  I paid for this version and it's all I really need.  I just want it to work.


      Any help is appreciated.



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          Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

          Please provide us with the following logs.

          You can find them at:

          PS Installer logs

          Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers


          AAM logs


          You can zip all the files together and send us through mail. This would help us in finding the root cause.

          Appreciate your help. Apologize for the inconvenience.



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            2020HeinSite Level 1





            There were no .log files in the AAMUpdater folder, but I have included everything that was in the single 1.0 file folder that was there.  Thanks for helping with this.  It’s quite a long process to install this program anymore since I originally started with CS3.




            I should add also that I don’t see CS6 listed in the Control Panel > Programs & Features list.  In all other respects CS6 works.




            Let me know if you need anything else.



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              2020HeinSite Level 1

              The problem is now resolved with an installation of the CC AAM.  I had been reluctant to do that before because it appeared to be something geared only toward CC users.  I was mistaken.  Once that was on my machine the Update function from within CS6 Help worked like a charm.


              Thanks go to Ashutosh Nigam for taking the time to hook into my machine and help with diagnosing this issue.  It's all better now!