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    Intuos 5 Art Pen Lag w/ Photoshop


      I've recently purchased an art pen to use with Intuos 5 which is now  called Intuos Pro because the original grip pen that came at the tablet  purchase

      went out of whack with pressure setting after its top came off  and something got screwed up permanently


      Right now I'm having an issue where I see jagged lines appearing whenever I try to draw any sort of line as shown from the link,




      I'm  not entirely sure what to do about this, I'm looking at the systems  tray and CPU seems to be at 25% whenever I'm going nuts with the pen  movement while the Photoshop is open.


      My system setting is


      i5-3570 CPU w/ 3.40GHz
      24GB Ram
      Windows 8.1 64bit Operating System
      ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB


      And the Art Pen Model is KP701E2.


      I've  tried using my old pen, although the pressure sensor isn't good, I see  absolutely no jagged lines randomly appearing like I do with this new  one.


      Is there anyway to fix this problem? Thank you.