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    Blur in PS CC

    FWG99 Level 1

      How do I selectively blur one edge of a selection in PS CC? I have merged two photos together using layers (there was a big gap between two subjects) but the bottom edge of the upper layer is a bit obvious. I blurred the whole image and the bottom looked perfect but the rest was - well - blurred!

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          John_Picton Level 3

          As always with Photoshop there are umpteen ways to achieve the same effect - this is how I would do it, I am sure others will have other ideas.


          I am assuming that you have each element of the 2 combined images on separate layers.


          Make sure the blurred image is above the non blurred image in the layer stack.


          Create a layer mask for the layer that has the blurred image and then - using a black (probably soft edged) paint brush - paint over the part of the image that you want to make transparent.


          You could also use smart objects - Before blurring the layer right click on the layer and convert it to a "Smart Object". Now when you apply the blur the smart object will automatically create a mask. You can then (making sure the you have clicked on the Mask and not the layer) use a soft black brush on the mask to paint away the blur effect.


          Also do a search for tutorials in blending 2 or more images in Photoshop (the basic principle is that same across most if not all versions of Photoshop.


          Good luck