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    null Standalone Verity search result fields

      I have a collection on a standalone Verity K2 (ver 4.5.1) server that I can access from a CFMX 6.1 site, but I am getting a null value back for many of the result fields regardless of the value contained in the collection. For example, if I use the rcvdk command line tool to search the collection, I see the URL field - with values, but if I cfdump the query returned to my cf template, the value of the URL field is '[empty string]' (for all records). Furthermore, while the cf query has a 'Summary' field, rcvdk identifies a 'VDKSUMMARY' field, both with the same values.

      Does anyone know how/where these translations are being made from the fields contained in the collection to the fields returned to CF, or what I have to do to get the collection's URL field values returned to CF?