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    Capturing RTMP

    Kristian Wright Level 1

      Is there a way to get a snapshot of a live streaming RTMP feed? I've tried BitmapData.draw, but this causes a sandbox violation. Is there a way around this? Is there a way (ANY way) to grab a still image from a live RTMP stream and save it to disc?

      I've also tried the workaround of unattaching the netStream, doing bitmapData.draw and then reattaching the netStream.
      I was using this workaround in the past with Flex Builder 3 beta 1, but that is no longer available for use. So now in Flex Builder beta 2, this has been caught, and even setting the stream to null then using the bitmapdata.draw method throws the error as well. So with the stream attached or unattached, I cannot draw the video as it throws the 2123 error.

      So does anyone have any advice, or know of a way to capture a frame of a RTMP stream other than BitmapData.draw??

      Thanks in advance,