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    Oil Paint Filter not working in Photoshop CS6?


      Ok, so I have had PS CS6 for a couple of months with no problems. I downloaded the oil paint filter, but to use it i needed to update my GPU drivers, so I did and it started working. Last week, i noticed that when i attempt to use the filter, it says that need to have the box in the preferences section saying 'enable graphics processor' checked. before it was previously checked. Now when i go to it, it is greyed out because of an 'error' in my display drivers. I reinstalled my display drivers but it did not solve the problem. For some reason it is still greyed out. I know that my GPU meets the requirements for using oil paint, it was working fine before so why has it decided to stop working now?
      I have not removed any parts from my computer so it wouldn't have affected it. If anyone could help me on this issue then i would be extremely grateful.