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    problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 10 : error DW046


      Dear community members,


      I have bought Adobe Premiere Elements  10 and installed it from the DVDs on my MAC OSX10.5.8 on december 27, 2013

      When creating a new project , I get the following message :


      following a serious error, Premiere Elements 10 must stop

      Then I click OK and I get a new message :

      The Premiere 10 application has closed suddenly after having been rebooted

      Then I end up to the error report window. I have sent the error report  to Apple  ( I can send it to you if you want)


      I have also got the following error message :

      DW046 : following conflicting process were running, block : dynamiclinkmanager


      Notice : it seems this problem is occuring since I underwent a power failure while working on a project. When I want to open an existing project I get the following message :

      it seems that Premiere Elements has closed in an unexpected way during the last session. Do you want to open the previous project?

      When I say YES, I save it and it comes back to the welcome menu and I cannot see this project.


      I have tried to deinstall and reinstall Premiere 10 : this is impossible since I am required to deactivate dynamiclinkmanager that I cannot find.


      Notice that Adobe AIR is unable to find a solution whilst it recognizes there is a problem.


      Thanks you for your help