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    Scale or Ruler for Screen option?


      Does the Photoshop Touch for tablet or Express contain a scale or ruler option for along the x and y axis of the screen to determine coordinates on the image?  If not, does anyone know of a program ... apps... with such a feature? I need it as an artist to help scale up or down an image.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          Both the transform tool and the move tool have X and Y coordinates as well as height and width pixel values for a selected element. (You have to tap the arrow on the left of the dialog to "slide" the option into view.)



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            pensioned Level 1

            Hi Warunicorn. Thanks, but quite what I'm looking for.  I just looked at a photoshop video and what I'm looking for is a ruler that lines along the top and down left side of the open screen .  The option to enable the ruler for view is in the View menu and can be set to pixels, cm, or inches.  Would the Photoshop Touch ot Express have a View option in the menu bar where a ruler can be enabled?



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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              No, sorry, but I would hang tight; Adobe keeps updating PS Touch, so I wouldn't be surprised to find it in there at some point.


              In the meantime, you could use a pixel-to-inches calculator. (I should note: If I recall, unless something's changed, PS Touch treats images at 72 DPI. Keep that in mind when working with images.)

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                pensioned Level 1

                Thanks for the help.


                Let me try to explain a little better what I need (just for the sake of explaning), which Touch does not have because they responded to my question. I don't need a converter, what I need is a program which can open a photograph that someone has sent to me, inorder to paint or draw on canvas or paper. I find a pleasing layout of the image, and crop it to the same  dimensions or ratio of a canvas, say, 24 "  X 36 ".  This is where I would need a ruler or scale running along the top and left side of the screen bordering the image.  If you have photoshop on your computer you can open a picture and under the View option select ruler if not already done so and you will see a ruler on the two mentioned borders of the picture.  I then determine how much bigger the canvas is then the image, say 3 times bigger.  I place my cursor on a spot on the image and it gives the distance over and down ...coordinates of that spot.... say 4.5 over and 2.4 down..... I then multiply those values one at a time by the number 3. I go to the canvas and find the new coordinates 13.5 and 7.2 and make a dot. Do that severals times for different spots and then join the dots to help get the shape very accurate...save time trying to get the shapes correct before actual completing the painting.


                I use such a program in my home studio but I bought the tablet with the hope of finding an app that could do the same thing so I could travel and still use the above process.


                Still There???



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                  Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                  My eyes glazed over at, "ratio of a canvas."    <jk>


                  There isn't an app I could think of offhand that could add rulers for that purpose. I imagine one could get around this by resizing the original image and using that on another layer (like tracing paper)?

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                    pensioned Level 1

                    Ratio of a canvas..... imagine that I want to paint a picture that is 24"  X  36", quite  large, from a photo that is say 2"  X  3", quite small.  They  are the same ratios,  24 /36 = 0.666....,   2 / 3  = 0.666...


                    Suppose the picture I want to use is not of the same ratio as the canvas ( 24 x 36) that I want to use, say 4 " X 9 ", which would have a ratio of 4  / 9 = 0.444...


                    I need to get my photo that I'm going to use to the same ratio as the canvas that I want to use. ex:  24  x  36.  The picture is actually  4  x  9 ,  4/ 9 = 0.444...,  not the same ratio as my canvas,  so I crop the picture using photoshop  in a pleasing layout to a ratio that is the same as canvas of 0.666...( I use ratio and proportion calculations to determine this)


                    Now I can determine how much larger the canvas is than the picture  to get the number I use to multiple the coordinates from the picture to get a larger image on the canvas.


                    Tracing paper would be no good because I am trying to take a small image from  a computer screen and place it on large drawing surface.


                    Too bad that apps don't have the ruler because almost all photo, paint programs for pc's do have this feature.