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    Flash Player 11.9 problems


      I just updated my google chrome to google torch and now when I try to watch a video through xfinity it says I need to update adobe flash player. I downloaded the newest version of adobe flash player and when I go into the Flash Player Settings Manager the Active X and Plugin version both say 11.900.170 but if I click check now it says I have version 11,5,31,5 installed. How do I correct this b/c I need a minimum required version of 11.8.0.

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          Mike M Level 6

          I just installed it and I see that too.

          I went to C:\Users\Mike\AppData\Local\Torch\Application\\PepperFlash\

          and then I opened C:\Program Files(x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\31.0.1650.63\PepperFlash in a separate window

          I copied the manifest.json and pepflashplayer.dll files from Chrome to Torch, and rebooted.

          Here's what it shows now:


          Previous to the copy and paste, it was the SAME as the above listing.

          And here's what I get at: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/


          And at xfinity.com...


          Vids play.


          You MAY want to take a look at this:

          I attempted to uninstall Torch after the testing, and I'm unable to.

          It's Malware, and you're probably screwed too.