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    Page numbers in Kindle

    NIRC Level 1

      I see that new Kindle books have page numbers (corresponding to the print edition) in addition to the location numbers. How do I get InDesign to include these in my eBook?

         I understand that, like the PDF where the pages are frozen according to the original, the eBook adjusts to the screen and orientaition. But somehow the makers have managed to indicate which page of the hard copy you are on--very useful if you want to quote a book.

         I tried my luck on the "InDesign Secrets" website, but no one responded...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I really have no idea, but if there's anyway of retaining it, it won't be by creating EPUB files (the only thing InDesign can create natively, and then using the Kindle Previewer to convert EPUB to Kindle format. There is no way to record page numbers in an EPUB file because it will always reflows based on page dimensions, font selected, and font size.


          The only way it would work if you were using the Kindle plug-in for InDesign. Have you tried that? Have you posted about this on the Kindle forum for publishers? Here's a link:



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            NIRC Level 1

            Sorry I wasn't clearer. I am NOT using epub, but the Kindle plugin in InDesign CS6. And I know it works because I have Kindle books from Amazon where pagination shows up.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Kindle provides very little public information about its software products like the plug-in. Your best bet is probably the Amazon forums.

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                NIRC Level 1

                Does anyone out there have any experience with using Kindle with InDesign and any ideas about how to insert absolute page numbers?

                    I hate to give up on this Forum after learning only what I already knew. The Forum has has often proved so valuable in the past...

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                  Ellis home Level 4

                  This is an interesting topic. For what I have read it seems this page number display came from Amazon. My feeling is if they handle the conversion from print version to Kindle then the page numbers are available on the device. I might be wrong on this. It's just a hunch. We'll see if others have some more information. I'll keep researching and if something new comes up I'll update.