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    Premiere Elements 10 - Menu Q


      Premiere Elements 10 - Can I create a Menu with Scenes (using Scene Markers) then export the video to my PC, NOT to a DVD? 


      Whenever I try to do this, I can preview the resulting video with individual scenes just fine.  However, when I export the video to a computer, no matter what format I choose, the menu / scenes disappear. 


      The exported video seems to be untouched - video quality is fine and the video plays beginning to end, but no scene menu appears. 


      I really need the scene markers to work.  Suggestions welcome.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Your scene links and menus will only work on a DVD, BluRay or WebDVD file set. You can't output a single file that has all of these interactive elements built into it.

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            tinybeads Level 1


            Just after I had entered my question, I found your answer to this question which you had given to someone else last year.  Sorry for not searching first.


            The video for which I wish to have scene headings is a training vid about 3 hours long, with close to 30 different topics throughout the video.  The only other solution I have thought of would be to export smaller sections of the video as separate standalone videos.  These would need to be small enough to fit into the single layer DVD format of the blank DVDs I have at home. 


            If I did this, could I use the scene marker technique to create scenes? 


            Also, when I'm creating a scene, do I need to insert a stop marker just ahead of a new scene marker every time?  I know the stop marker would return me to the scene menu.  Is there another way to get to the scene menu when I want to, without using up half of my precious 25 markers  as stop markers?


            Thanks again for your support.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Yes, if you want the viewer to return to the menu after each segment, you'd need to put a stop marker after each scene. (Except at the end of your movie. If you put a stop marker at the end of a movie it can cause the program to go buggy.)


              Three hours is a lot to fit on a DVD! You might be able to do it with a dual-layer DVD disc, but most standard DVDs hold about 70 minutes of full quality video. So it might be a good idea to spread your course over three discs.

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                tinybeads Level 1


                thank you again very much.  Yes, I'll break up the video into multiple segments each smaller than the size of a regular DVD disc, and create scenes for DVD output.


                Thought of one more question.  I have a program called "Power to Go" on my desktop PC for burning DVDs and CDs.  It came w/ the PC.  It has always worked well.  But when I did try outputting my rendered file to a folder, to be burned to a DVD, I wound up with a number of individual files (looked like Elements had chosen to export three sets of files, as if it recognized that the video would need 3 DVDs rather than one).  Power To Go happily burned each of them ... and none would play.  I had chosen NTSC 4.7G as my output format from Premiere Elements.


                Do I need to break down and buy Roxio?  or do you think that if I set the original files up properly, my freebie software would work?

                Thanks again,


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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Power to Go (or any disc burning software) should include the option to burn a Folder to a disc in addition to individual files. If you select the option to burn a Folder in the program and then direct it to burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD, you will create a playable DVD. (You need the entire batch of files to create a playable DVD.)


                  If for some reason Power to Go doesn't include this option (or even if it does) I highly recommend the free download ImgBurn for burning files to a disc.


                  Not only does ImgBurn do a great job burning file or folders to a disc, but it also includes a Verify feature that will double-check your disc after the files have been burned.

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                    tinybeads Level 1

                    thank you so much, Steve.  I appreciate your info telling me which files

                    need to be included to create a playable DVD.  There definitely was a

                    Video_TS folder (this is on my other PC - I'm on my laptop right now).


                    I'll definitely look for the program ImgBurn, too.

                    Once again, I really appreciate all your help and patience.

                    all the best,