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    Angled Extrusion Effect

    Marc Trzepla Level 1

      I know I can extrude a shape perpindicular to the layer.  But is it possible to shear or offset the extrusion to the side at a user-specified angle?  I could probably fudge it with a camera angle but I'm looking to keep things orthographic.


      What I'm going for is like old switcher drop shadows on type where the text was "smeared" out in black.  Drop shadows today are just one instance of a layer.


      Here's an example.


      Extruded Shadow.jpg


      I was thinking of using Echo but the trails I'll be making will be much longer than this sample and to fill up the gaps I'm sure it'll require quite a few trails which translates to render time.  I fear the raytraced extrusions as well, even if I could get them to extrude out to the "side".


      Anyone recommend a technique to pull this off?  It can't be a manual job done in Illustrator which is what one colleague suggested.


      Thank you,