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    Can't change default transition

    tomasz Level 1

      There is something wrong with my instalation of APE12.

      When I right-clik on a chosen transition to became the default one, a pop-up appears that allows me to change the defaul transition time and jump to General Option menu. As I read and saw on youtube there should be option to set new default transition. The same happens when I right-click between transition icons, or directly on any one.

      I'm using trial version. The same situation happens on two separate machines. Windows 7.

      Any idea what's wrong?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on? Have you confirmed what version of Premiere Elements that your YouTube video is using for its tutorial?


          Please take a look at the following Premiere Elements 12 Windows/Transitions Tab/




          If you are in the Expert workspace and click the Transitions Tab at the bottom of the workspace, does the Transitions Area open to show the transition choices? If so, if you right click one of those thumbnails, do you not see the pop "Set Selected as Default Transition" and have you clicked on it to set that particular transition as the Default Transition? If so, the default transition is selected. That is it.


          If what I describe above is not happening, then please supply a link to your video tutorial so that we can see what you are watching and basing your expectations on.


          Thank you.



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            tomasz Level 1

            Dear A.T.Romano


            I'm using Windows 7 on both machines - Polish language version, so the APE11/12 are also in that language.

            I'm testing v.11 and recently has downloaded v.12 to check if it has the same problem.

            The tutorial I've seen on youtube is about v.11 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bEcypDBRBM

            Everything is correct in all manuals and tutorials, I did all as you wrote above:

            Expert view, click Transitions Tab, all icons appear so I can select/drag any of it.

            Everything looks the same apart when I right-click on the transition I want to became the new default one, then different option pop-up that says ( below it's in Polish ) "Default time for transition" and when I click on it then the Preferences window opens on the General tab when I can change the default time from 30sec to whotever...

            It's strange, it has place on APE11 and APE12 too. Maybe it's because of different language selection during instalation? I know a bit about programing and it should not be the case, but definitelly something is wrong here

            I was using Nero Vision Video before and want to jump over your software, but it has to work as intended to...

            Below screen shot of my case.



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              tomasz Level 1

              Oki, I've downloaded and installed on the PC where APE11 was previously installed new trial APE12 version, and it appears that I have same problem.

              Below screen of it now in English:


              I'm clicking all around with my right mouse button, I try with combinations Ctrl, Shift, first left then right click, only right click,  nothing works, all time same 'Default Transition Duration' ...


              I've also noticed that once i left click on a transition and wait a second for this small demo animation to play then it's not possible to right click to see the pop-up.

              I guess that 'Default Transition Duration' was intended to appear when user right-click somewhere between icons, but when right-click directly on chosen one then it should display ' Set selected as default Transition', but in my case it looks like don't recognize hover mouse event for pop display.


              Anyony any idea what is wrong here?

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                tomasz Level 1

                Ha, I've finnaly figure out my self what is going on here!


                I went to quick mode, and hurra, it is working here, but I see just limited number of transitions to choose from, so not so funny...

                Then change back to expert mode, and APE by default change Transition list from 'Show all' to just one category. I havn't noticed it at first and surprised when right click and it worked too. Then've changed to show all transitions and again old pop appear.

                So guys, We have two option for right click on Transition Tab - to change Default Transition Time when i 'Show All' filter, and to Set Default Transition when in 'one category' filter.


                I'm wondering if anyone before has noticed it! Adobe doesn't say anything in manuals that in order to set new default you can not filter for all transitions...


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank you for the reply and very helpful information.


                  Great job identifying the core of your issue which I have not seen reported elsewhere.


                  I can confirm that the following situation exists for both Premiere Elements 11 and 12 on Windows.


                  1. In the Expert workspace, the transitions display has headers for Show All as well as individual categories for the transitions.


                  If the header for the transitions display is Show All instead of one for the Transitions categories, you cannot set the default transition. What I get is the pop up of the Edit Menu/Preferences/General when I try to set a default transition under Show All header. The header has to be set for one of the transition categories to set the transition default.


                  2. In the Quick workspace, the transitions choices are less than those in the Expert workspace. Consequently, Adobe has opted to present the choices in one group rather than in categories. There is no Show All or category headers. And, there is no issue in setting the default transition.


                  Thank you again for pointing this out.




                  Add On...The following blog post of Audio Transition problem in Premiere Elements 11/12 may be of interest as your explore and experiment with these versions.


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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    I think that we have both overlooked an essential in interpreting what is happening here.


                    I spent the afternoon looking into this further and decided to write up a blog post on this to create a greater awareness of what appears to be a "glitch" in the Premiere Elements 11 and 12 Set As Default Transition feature.


                    But, in doing so, I believe that what we have is not a "glitch" but rather a feature without full documentation and easily prone to oversight on the part of the users (me too).


                    In Expert workspace where Adobe decided to sort by transition categories and Show All, it has designed "Set Selected As Default Transition" ONLY for the transition thumbnail under a particular transition category. If the user decides to sort by Show All and right click a transition thumbnail, the pop up does not say "Set Selected As Default Transition", rather it says "Default Transition Duration".


                    So that appears to be a ready explanation why clicking on "Default Transition Duration" under those circumstances brings up the Preferences/General dialog where default transition duration is set.


                    The following is a link to my blog post that I just posted.



                    Thank you for your observation and a very interesting question.



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                      tomasz Level 1

                      Hi again,


                      It is quite nice feeling when you discover something nobody else noticed before.

                      I'm happy I could help others that my come to the same point of frustration :-)


                      It was good idea to clarify everything in one place on your blog. I've just did a quick view on it, but I see it's worthy to came and get use of the help you've pointed overe there. Nice job!



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        I have found that, whether the Premiere Elements user is beginner, intermediate, or advanced, the learning curve continues.


                        We thank you for coming forward with that Premiere Elements 12 Windows default transition observation and sharing it and your comments on it with the Premiere Elements community. Major contribution on something that many of us, including me, had not noticed before.


                        Best Wishes.



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                          Sapriil Level 1


                          I had the same problem, I was seeking for a solution in the forum and found this. This solution worked for me too (APE 12 in OSX 10.8.5). Thanks for helping!

                          Regards to ATR whose contributions are very useful.


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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Glad the information in this thread worked for you. tomasz's observation is a major contribution in this forum learning and sharing environment.


                            Many thanks for including the additional details of your version of Premiere Elements and the computer operating system on which it is running (Premiere Elements 12 Mac ( OSX 10.8.5).


                            Best wishes.