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    Why can't I open INDD files using the exact same InDesign CS6 product I used to create them?


      I was trying to modify artwork sent through by another designer. He sent me the INDD files (as part of  packages) but I couldn't open them in my Windows version of InDesign CS6. My computer told me that I didn't have any software installed that could open the file. By looking on forums I thought that he might be using InDesign CC, that for some crazy reason I can't open INDD files created using the CC version and that I therefore needed him to send the IDML files. Ok, fine, he sent me the IDML files.


      The IDML files open fine in my version of InDesign CS6. Great. They open as unsaved documents so I save them as InDesign CS6 files. Ok, so far so good. Except that I can't open the INDD files I just created. Again, my computer tells me that I don't have any software installed that can open the file. But how can that be? I just created the files using that software!


      So I do a test. Can I open a file that I create from scratch? No. It seems I cannot open any INDD files in my Windows version of InDesign CS6, even if I create them from scratch. Can anyone help?