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    Are CHW files necessary in merged projects?

    tripwire45 Level 1
      I'm experiencing a little frustration here and hope you all can help me out. I have two master projects, one very large and the other growing. Each master project has several subprojects merged into them. I periodically commit my CHM and related files to Subversion so the "build master" can add them to the various product test builds (and ultimately the production builds). One of the file types that I've been including is the .CHW file type. It's my understanding that this is a necessary file type in order for the final project to display all of the index keywords from all of the merged projects.

      I've got one of the developers that says this file type was never included in any of my predecessor's submissions before and he doesn't think it's necessary. I've been thinking of compiling a merged project and deleting the .CHW file to see what happens, but there's got to be an easier way.

      Can someone clarify this for me? I really do understand that the CHW files are required in order for all keywords from all merged projects to display in the final master project. Here are my sources: