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    A question regarding 'Student and Teacher Edition' licensing


      Hello Adobe representative,



      We are a small family-owned architect office.

      All three of the principal owners and one of the associates in our office, teach in two of the most prestigious architecture departments in Israel.



      According to Adobe website, one may purchase a Student and Teacher Edition for commercial use.

      The website also states, as a response to the question "Can I use my Student and Teacher Edition software on a computer at my school or university?" that Student and Teacher Edition software may only be used on one's own private computer.




      To be on the safe side I'd like to make sure whether under Adobe Terms and Conditions we may purchase and use 4 Student and Teacher Edition software licenses at the office, knowing that the three principals own all the computers and do not use a specific one, but manage other people who do the work.



      I hope my inquiry was clear, please let me know if additional information could be helpful.



      Thank you very much.