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    Failed to perform the database operation-on Mac (OS X 10.9)

    Project Crashed

      Elements 10 was working "ok" for most of the time, but today while trying to search for information on how to do titles, I was asked to sign in (which I can't never do). I tried signing in, but the "sign in" box froze for almost 20 minutes (as always does). I finally had to "force quit" elements 10 from the "Activity Monitor." I then tried launching Elementes 10 again, but it began acting out. It took longer than usual to upload, and then it would show a box with the following, "failed to perform the database operation...organizer database is busy." I would then hit the "ok" and Elements 10 page would appear. However, as soon I would try any task or edit my project, Elemets just quicks. I have been working on a very important project, and I would hate to loose it or have to start all over again.


      Please I need some help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I assume from your descrption this is not a new computer and that you have been using Premiere Elements 9 on this machine for at least two or three years (since version 9 came out three years ago).


          If the program worked in the past and has suddenly starting "acting out", something has likely gotten corrupted -- possibly during your upgrade to Mavericks or simply due to your computer being more than a year or so old.


          First, run a check on your fonts, as described in this FAQ. Corrupted fonts on a Mac is one of the most common causes of problems on OSX.



          You may also want to run a disk verification on your hard drive. Do this by opening Finder, going to Utilities and opening the Disk Utilities app.


          You can also try launching Premiere Elements while holding down the Opt+Cmd+Shift keys on the left side of your keyboard to clear any corruptions in the preferences file.


          If all of that fails to fix things or indicate a problem, I'd recommend you uninstalling Premiere Elements and then reinstall it. (Don't worry. You won't lose any work in progress.)