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    How much would I gain by upgrading my graphics card with my current system?

    johnjv24 Level 1

      I am currently a PreE10 user and was thinking of getting CS6 to improve my export times.  Right now in PreE10, it takes 94min to make 65min (5min is black video) SD DVD. My video footage is AVCHD 29.97 fps.

      I tried the CS6 trial with GPU MPE enabled and got 36min (CPU usage 30-40%, GPU usage 96%) when exporting a 65min clip (no black video) to MPEG-DVD. Of course, in CS6 this is the time of transcoding only, as I couldn't test the time of making a DVD in Encore.


      When I was using the trial CS6, it seemed a bit glitchy. I don't know if it was maybe to due the fact that the graphics card needs to be updated (rolled back graphics card for smoother PreE10) or because I need more RAM. Is this a valid assumption?


      Given my current system specs:

      Windows 7 Professional

      -Intel Core i7-3770

      16GB DDR3 RAM (forgot I had 16GB not 8GB)

      SanDisk 128 SSD (OS+Programs)

      WD Blue 1TB 7200RPM HDD (All media)

      GTX 650 1GB

      PSU 600W


      How much could I improve the 36min export time in CS6 if I upgraded my graphics card to a 650 Ti and 650 Ti Boost, respectively?