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    Editing in Camera Raw

    Aadarsh J

      I am a newbie, trying to learn image editing using adobe tools. I have a basic question about certain features of camera raw. I see both shadows/highlights and black/white slider for editing an image in Camera Raw.What i wanted to know is why are both these essential. Why cant i just have shadows and highlights and shadows would indicate black colour settings and highlights would indicate white colour settings. Looking forward to a a reply soon.



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While these sliders may seem the same, there are very different.  The black and whte slider should control the end points of your image: brighten or darken (add white or black) to the the very extreams of your image.  The Shadow and Highlight, while also making those areas lighter or darker actually control the localized contrast.  So if you want more detail in the shadows, you would want to increase the shadow slider.  This most likely will case the darkest parts of the image to shift past pure black, so you then use the black slider to nudge those values back to pure black.  Same with the highlight areas.