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    How to use html control's context in URLStream




      I am using mx:HTML control in my extension and loading a html page which displays images. The javascript from the html page provides a function "getSelectedImages()" to get selected images url. I can call this function by using brComponent.domWindow.getSelectedImages(). This gives me an url of selected image. I want to download the image at url by using 'URLStream'. But, when I use URLStream it redirects me to login page. Is there any way to use same context of html control in URLStream?


      Thanks in advance.

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          The fact you are redirected to a login screen makes me conclude that you will need to include authorization information as part of your request. When you load the html page that displays the images, are you prompted to login first? If you attempted to view the image in a web browser, are you also prompted to login if you are loading the page from a new browser session?


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