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    is this doable per action or would one need to script this?

    polyxo Level 1

      Hi All,

      I would like to automate some simple I/E- operations and thought that macro recording (actions) in this case should

      suffice. But to my great surprise a lot of standard operations available from the menus are ignored by the recorder.

      One for instance can open a dwg-file through an action and also run Select All but there seems no way to record

      Object/Artboards/Fit to selected Artwork bounds. Is this observation correct so far or am I just doing something wrong here?


      Apart from that I would need a way to "super-expand" selected items temporarily - so that appearances and groups are

      flattened. The outcome should be exported to .dwg - then all flatten-operations should get rolled back.

      Again I naively assumed that one could simple include some Undo's into an action - but I had to realize that already

      "expand appearance"doesn't record.  Is it correct that one can not do such by Macro but rather needed to script?