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    Placed Image Clarity Issues


      I am using ID CS5 on Windows 7 pro.  My question is why do some of my placed images come in sharp and clear and others are fuzzy and only come in sharp when I change my display performance to 'high quality'.  The images were created using PS CS5 albeit a few years apart.  I normally have the view set to 'typical display' so I do not get lag from graphic intensive publications I am working on.  It is more a nuisance than a hinderance.  I would still like to know why so I can give people who proof my projects on screen a reasonable explanation.   As always, your help is always appreciated.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Could have to do with the size and resolution of the placed image (ID creates a preview, but if the image is already 72 ppi, the preview may be the same as the image), and there's also a prefernce to allow object-level view settings, so there's a possibility that some of them are set to high quality at the object level.

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            whcraft Level 1

            Peter,  I save/create all my images at 300ppi.  I did notice looking at the link info I see that actual ppi is 300 and the effectiv ppi changes as I scale the image.  I did find something in the Preferences/Dispaly Performance that I can set raster images and vector graphcis to high resolution and seems to have solved the problem but still does not answer the question.  I will try to let it go and get this project knocked out.  Thanks for your help.