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    Selecting XML attributes?!

      Hi all!

      First post at here.

      I'm working on a project and i have a menu that works with data loaded from a xml file. It is a carousel and by clicking the icons it is supposed to open some few things.

      The problem is, some of them are movie clips and other are .exe files (i'm thinking in opening them with fscommand "exec" from a projector) and i want to know if there is any way to select the attributes, so that, in example, if it is an exe file to open a folder or something it uses fscommand and if it is a swf file it loads it in an empty movie clip on the stage.

      I attached my xml...file is the supposed file to load/open, image is the icon and i have also tooltips to them...And also the essential AS code (i think)...

      I would be really glad if someone could help me...I need to finish this as soon as possible.

      Thanks in advance