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    Changing language preferences (dictionary) in all the documents in an Incopy assignement?

    Pierre Lef

      I am translating books from English into French within Incopy assignements. Each assignement would be, let's say, a chapter of an original book in English, composed of over 100 different documents. The original default language settings in the assignement is English for each document. At some point, I have to change it for French. The only way I can do this is to go into each document and manually make the change of language for that specific document, a very long process since each assignement is composed of over 100 different documents. Is there a way I can do this once and for all in one operation? I already tried to change my default settings for French with all documents closed in Incopy, but as soon as I open an assignement, all the documents are set to English language. Anyone has got a solution for this? We work both on PC and Mac, under Incopy.