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    How to do an interactive form with tables

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      I've been asked to recreate an interactive form that was created using several tables. The tables are made up of cells that contain labels of what information is required, followed by blank cells where the user can put the information (text fields). A few of the cells are to contain drop down menus that will contain a list of answers to choose from (combo boxes). I kind of like the idea of doing it in a table just because it keeps everything lined up automatically.


      I am a Lynda.com subscriber, and I found a course on that site that shows how to create interactive forms with InDesign, but it just breezes past doing it with tables. It says you can do it, but doesn't show how. The problem is, one table can contain all three types of cells that I plan to use. I can select the whole table and then choose "Type" in the Buttons and Forms panel, but I would think that would turn the whole table into just one type of field. I can't seem to figure out how to select individual cells of the table to choose different types.


      Is there a way to do that?