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    Interactive PDF: Is this possible in InDesign?


      Hi all,


      I have been tasked with creating an interactive PDF for a project.


      We would like to produce something similar to the print screens attached (I have removed all content).


      Basically we would like to create click/rollovers on the page, which trigger caption/further reading boxes. Obviously we would like to use the side navigation bar to trigger other pages in the document.


      I have looked around online but it may be that i'm not using the right search terms. I have found a few tutorials and had a try, but none of them seem to do what we are looking for.


      Also once I had added interactivity, none of the functions would work once exported to PDF, but they did work in the flash viewer. It may be that my settings need tweaking.


      I'm sure this is a very simple job, and having to post is my last resort - i'm usually up on things like this, promise!


      Thank you in advance for any help.