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    Camera Raw 8.3, creating custom profiles for new cameras

    paulinventome Level 1



      I've been trying to import CinemaDNG files from a Sony FS700 camera but they come in very green and the basic controls cannot correct for that.


      I've had some limited success playing with the settings in the Camera Calibration tab.


      Then i found out about the DNG Profile Editor and can see that i can not only tweak the settings there but i can also use a macbeth chart to help calibrate the profile. So this sounds like a good idea. Except i cannot work out how i could use a custom camera profile in v8.3


      I can create a .dcp file but in the camera raw it shows that Camera Profile menu is also embedded. I've tried opening the profile directory for camera raw (on windows) so i can see all the cameras. I've tried creating an FS700 folder and popped the profile in there but no go. When the footage is opened the title in the menu is FS700 so i've assumed that's what the footage is using as a camera name.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction here? I'm sure what i'm doing should be possible!!


      many thanks