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    Creating a custom action?


      Hi, my first post in the forums. Hello all!


      My equipment/task:


      I am online store owner, selling umbrellas. There are a lot of them, so i have to make 500+ different pictures.

      I am using a simple camera, sony dsc-w630. So the resolution is low and sometimes colors differ a lot from the original.

      I am using a simple background made of white fabric, with simple lighting.

      Usually every photo of an object differs slightly, the object or the tripod is moved to get the best angle and lighting.


      My problem:


      I want to create a task that would crop, adjust lighting/color, remove background.

      I usually do this manually, especially the background removal, as the resolution of the image is low i have to zoom in and select the border. And sometimes the colors of the background and object match.


      So....maby there would be a solution, or something that would help me out? I would like that the whole manual process that takes me ~25 minutes for one picture would decrease.


      Thank you for your suggestions/help.