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    Alpha tweening problem

      Currently I am using the code "new Tween(rbr1w1, "_alpha", Soft.easeOut, 100, 0, 5, true);" to tween the items in and out for the alpha levels. Although they all happen at the same time.

      I could really do with creating some kind of clock or use the system clock or whatever, so that it can 'start' at the beginning of the movie then I can set the time to 'start tween' and the 'tween duration' so I can have more control.

      I am quite a novice at AS so don't really know how to search for the things I am after as I don't know the technical terms and im fair rubbish at searching. (which is why a few questions on here).

      I would prefere to be able to have the start time and duration of the tween's random (as there are quite a few references to the function), although there aren't too many that it would be impossible to set them all.

      Any ideas how I could achieve this?