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    Am I doing something wrong? (Marginal performance improvement after drive upgrade)




      First here is some background information about the king of thing I am dealing with. I mainly use Premiere Pro CC for encoding YouTube videos. Source media is 30fps and is rather large, around 50gb for 18 minutes of footage. I use dxtory capture using Lagarith Lossless which is pretty much the standard for YouTube, I encode using the Premiere Pro CC youtube h.264 preset. Most videos end up being from 15-20 minutes long and I upload twice a day. It has turned into a bit of a business for me so reducing bottlenecks like encoding time would be quite nice!


      Previously I had been doing everything off a 1.5TB drive with my OS and programs being on a 240gb crucial m4. It's not the best SSD but it was a very good price at the time. I recently upgraded, getting a 7200 rpm 3TB Seagate Barracuda and a 240GB Kingston V300. Again while a WD Black and one of the Samsung SSD's would have been optimal I am working on a budget and am trying keep costs kind of low since I have had to spent a lot on my audio setup. It's also worth saying that this system has got to do both gaming and video work.


      This puts my system specs at the following

      CPU- 3570k

      GPU- 2x GTX670

      SSD1-Crucial M4 240GB

      SSD2-Kingston V300 240GB

      HDD1-Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB (I am 90% sure this drive is 7200rpm)

      HDD2-Seagate Barracuda 3TB

      PSU - Corsair TX750

      Motherboard - Asrock Z77 Extreme 4


      Here is my current Premiere setup

      C(240GB M4) - OS, Programs, Pagefile

      D(1.5TB HDD)- I'd ideally like to keep this for other things as this computer has to store a large amount of games.

      E(3TB HDD)- Media, Projects

      G(240GB V300)-Previews, Media Cache, Export



      To benchmark I used a 5 minute test project which used 15 minutes of game footage (as described in the first paragraph) 15 minutes of 720p webcam footage. 


      I emulated my previous setup with the project, media, export, scratch disk etc all being on my E drive. The render time was 11.22.

      I then followed the above settings and got a render time of 11.05.


      Basically I am not sure if the performance increase is less than expected. At any rate I am still very happy with the upgrade since it allows me to keep a large library of in game stock footage and in general give me a lot more room to play with. I am a little concerned over my CPU and will probably be upgrading to an I7 broadwell at some point.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated, I've still got quite a lot to learn!