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    Embed Video options??

    Sketchsta Level 1
      Hi all,
      I have a little video i made, which i embedded into the timeline. This video has a build up at the beginning, then doesnt have "an ending" ... because im hoping to be able to make a loop kind of effect.

      this is what i've got right now...but it doesnt work quite right...

      i have the video embedded into another movieClip. called video_mc
      The video goes on for 150 frames.
      on a Layer above that, i have another instance of the MovieClip, on Frame 100
      on Frame 150, of the first instance, i have the action video_mc.gotoAndPlay(51);

      when the (gotoAndPlay() ) command is reached, it takes roughly 2seconds for the playhead to start playing....not a verry good loop. =)

      Im trying to get the second clip to start playing the first 50 frames (above the other instance's last 50 frames), then go back to frame 51 of the first instance.
      i hope that makes sence... Each MovieClip has a LayerStyle of SCREEN, so that i can see through it.

      Im hoping someone has a better suggestion for achieving this loop im looking for.

      Let me know if this is too hard to understand....because im not verry good at explaining things. =)