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    Intertwining text - stumped

    gator soup Level 4

      how should I approach this (i'm stumped)

      i don't know what i am doing in Illustrator

      but this is the goal:




      first i stroked the T

      the T is on top layer


      next copied the C

      outlined it

      stroked it

      tried to align it on top of the T

      it is becoming impossible (for me) to trim the top part of the C (the stroke for example)


      and i'm wondering if anyone has a tip they can put in very basic steps i might understand and complete this logo

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make a copy of both letters.


          Those need to be outlined. Then apply the stroke to the copy.


          Outline the stroke.


          Cut the stroked letters in half (e.g. with the eraser tool) and keep the lower half of the C and the upper half of the T.


          Then use the parts for punching the letters (pathfinder panel).


          Go into outline view and delete what you don't need.


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            Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            gator soup,


            With what you have (both letters outlined), you can:


            1) Select the T and in the Appearance palette flyout tick Add New Stroke, then select it in the main window and drag it down beneath the Fill, change it to white, then in the Stroke palette increase the Stroke Weight;

            2) Repeat 1) for the C;


            This should give the white parts to cover the other letter at the crossings;


            3) With the Line Tool drag across the C to the left and Object>Path>Divide Object Below to split the C in two, see 5 for the white part across;

            4) Select the upper part of the C in the Layers palette and drag it down beneath the T;

            5) Click the top segment of the lower part of the C with the Direct Selection Tool and press Delete once to get rid of the white part across.