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    Why does dpi affect pixel dimensions?

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      Hello, Flash Forums!


      I've created an image in Flash that I intend to have printed onto a 20x30 poster. The company that is going to do this explains that for optimum print quality, the image should have pixel dimensions of 2850 x 4350 (they are factoring in a half-inch of white border that appears on the prints). They also mention a dpi of 150. Now, I am by no means an expert on dpi, but as far as I know it relates exclusively to the amount of dots of ink a printer puts on every inch of paper. This would lead me to believe that it wouldn't affect pixel dimensions. However, when I go to export the image, things get wierd. The pixel dimensions are as they should be, but the dpi is at 72, so I change the dpi to 150 within the export box. When I type this in, the pixel dimensions change to 5000-something x 8000! This made me think the two were connected, so I assumed that somehow the recommended dimensions and the dpi were inconsistent on the company's website. I called their customer support, and I was told that as long as my dpi was not below the minimum and my pixel dimensions were not below the minimum, it would not matter. The pixel dimensions could be huge, but it wouldnt affect the print as long as the dpi was 150. I thought "Okay, so I look at the dimensions Flash wants for 150 dpi, then put them into the properties panel, re-export the image, and it's all sunshine and lollipops from there." I did this, but when I exported again, the dpi was back to 72 even though I changed the dimensions. I tried upping the dpi to 150, and Flash upped the dimensions once again, this time to 8000 x 8000. This seems completely inconsistent and random to me. In short, my question is: How do I change my dpi without affecting my pixel dimensions? Can I even do that? Sorry this question ended up being so long, I just wanted to make sure you guys had all the information and understood my predicament. Thanks!