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    Premiere Elements 11 dvd freezes


      My video freezes in playback in the dvd player.  When I first installed the program, no issues.  Now, 6 months later, it's happening.  What should I do?  Increased my ram to 12gb, turned off the antivirus and screen saver, but it still happens 90% of the time.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Most likely it's the disc itself. What brand of disc is it?


          Does the DVD play okay if you put it in your computer's disc drive?

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            yeldar76 Level 1

            I'm using jvc 8x dvd-r.  It stutters in my computer.  What's odd is that I'm using the same discs as before and when I installed the program early 2012, I had no issues.  In fact, I recently made a copy of a high school bball game and it worked fine. Video is only roughly 90 minutes and I'm telling it to only use 5.45Mbps (or below 1.88Gb of disc space)  If I go higher, I seem to have more stuttering.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              When you get to the burn dialog, what does the burn dialog's Quality Area show for Space Required and Bitrate (with a check mark next to "Fit Content To Available Space")?


              You want to run these burn to disc (DVD) with a check mark next to "Fit Content To Available Space". Leaving it unchecked should be reserved for when and if you get Data Rate Error message and you need to lower the Bitrate manually.


              How are defining stuttering?


              We will be watching for your progress.



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                yeldar76 Level 1

                Hi A.T.,


                I've been using the "fit content to disc" feature and the video is under 80 minutes. The bitrate is 7.73 Mbps, using 4.38gb of the disc. I tried using another video (a high school bbal game) that's just 1 hour long and the bitrate was at roughly 8MBPS.  When I did the game, I told it to make me two copies and found the first one "stuttered", while the second didn't.  However, at points where I'd start and stop recording, the video did have a slight fade in from black, which I didn't do.  I'm starting to think the burner is having an issue running with Premiere, so I ordered an LG burner of Newegg. 


                When the video "stutters", it freezes both audio and video for a few seconds and then restarts.  It's almost as if the disc is scratched or dirty, which it isn't.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I am not familiar with the JVC brand of blank media. However, some suppliers, such as Memorex, recent TDK, recent Ritek, and most "store brands," buy the cheapest media that day, then add their logo to the disc, re-branding them. In a 50 disc spindle with Memorex name/logo blank discs, users have reported discs from 4 different mfgrs, so one disc might work, where the next on the spindle will have issues. I found discs from 3 mfgrs., and some worked fine, but then I would hit a batch, that did not. It is possible (remember I do not know the JVC brand of blank media), that they also use the Memorex "business model."


                  I recommend Falcon Pro, Verbatim or Taiyo-Yuden blank media, and with over 2000+ DVD-Videos delivered, have never had one disc returned by a client.


                  Good luck,



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                    yeldar76 Level 1

                    Thanks Bill! 


                    The Taiyo Yuden are JVC and that's what I use al the time.  The discs are great and I rarwely have issues with them.  I think in all the years I've doen videos, I've only had a handful of errors.  That's why I'm thinking it's the burner now that I've reinstalled the software.

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      I read your latest post and saw your comment that you now suspect the burner to be at the core of your issue. If so, have you tried the routine of burn to Folder (4.7 GB) instead of the burn to disc? That should take the burner out of the equation and help to pin point the issue. You would then take only the VIDEO_TS from the burn to folder and use a free program such as ImgBurn to take the VIDEO_TS to a DVD-R disc in the correct disc file system.


                      If you do not already have ImgBurn on your computer, you need to consider the source of the download. The latest version at the parent site appears to be prone to bloatware and unwanted downloads accompanying the download of the free ImgBurn. If you do pursue this for troubleshooting, you might check out the following web site for the download


                      It claims to be pre-tested for viruses.


                      As for what you have done, the first case 7.73 Mbps bitrate and 4.38 GB space, tells me that the program as had to lower the bitrate (decrease the file size) in order to make the fit on the disc. Remember, the disc spec'd for 4.7 GB capacity is in reality 4.38 GB. Even though the bitrate is lower than maximum in this case, its impact on end product quality might not be significant. Needs looking at. The burn to process works off a variable bitrate principle so that the bitrate, even if set at max. 8.00 Mbps, will not be 8.00 Mbps over the end product.


                      Please let us know if the burn to folder has or will help us define the core of the issue.


                      We can also revisit any considerations for closer inspection of the Timeline content for fragments, leftovers, etc.





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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Thank you for that information. I learned something about the JVC blank media, thanks to you. T-Y blanks have never given me any issues, with any of my, or my clients' DVD players.