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    What's this help

      Hi there,

      Hopefully you can help.

      The question I have is to do with the formatting of the text in the 'what's this' help.

      Now, in 'Ye olde' Winhelp when clicking on the question mark (followed by the required control) a pop up would appear with text as formatted in the Word document.

      HTML help seems to operate slightly differently in that this text is now read from (in my case anyway) a file called 'Context.txt'

      Trouble is I can find no way of actually formatting this text eg. I would quite like to make some of the text bold. Not much to ask you'd think but I'm blowed if I can find a way of doing it!. I'm sure I must be missing something obvious but if you can enlighten me as to how I can achieve this task then I would be most grateful.

      I'm using Robohelp X5 and have imported the original help files from Winhelp


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi mark and welcome to the RH community.
          This may seem like not much to ask but it is unsupported in HTML Help. Because the text is stored in a text file, no formatting or images are supported.
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            Matthew Ellison Level 1
            Hi Mark

            Microsoft themselves continued to use WinHelp for "What's This?" Help for many years after HTML Help appeared on the scene -- then they pretty much abandoned the use of "What's this?" Help altogether from XP onwards -- so there's been little incentive for them to improve the richness of "What's This?" Help in HTML Help.

            Best regards,

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              eclman Level 1

              That's confirmed it then. No formatting of text, not even a carriage return.........

              Shame it's been pretty much abandoned. I thought it was a nice feature.

              Anyway, many thanks to both of you for your prompt responses. As a relative novice regarding HTML help it's been a great help to get some expert advice and saved me a lot of wasted time.